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ACE Expediters
'Ace delivers continuously' - A regional pharmeceutical company

Our Value Proposition

Why Choose Ace Expediters?

For precision, time critical deliveries, customers require solutions that place their products at the right place, at the right time. Reliable, error-free delivery performance results in a real competitive advantage and meaningful cost savings. With Ace as your service partner, you can rest assured that critical time delivery performance will meet or exceed your expectations on an every hour, every day basis.

For more than twenty years, our highly efficient, customer-focused solutions have consistently yielded measurable operating and cost savings advantages for our diverse and growing customer base. Here are many reasons why Ace is the wise choice in meeting your time critical delivery needs.

Ace Provides Your Benefit

A proven track record of performance and customer satisfaction

  • More than 20 Fortune 500 companies trust Ace for their time critical deliveries needs.
  • We maintain a customer retention rate of more than 98.5%
  • We provide daily time-critical delivery services for a broad range of industries including automotive parts, retail, laboratory and medical parts

You receive the high quality of service and dependability of one of the nation's preferred service partners.

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An experienced, process driven, management team.

  • Our management team has more than 90 years of combined experience in developing, integrating and managing time-critical delivery networks.
  • A streamlined, highly efficient management structure provides timely and well-informed direction for daily operations.
  • Each of our top and middle level managers have been extensively trained in leadership of quality process-oriented operations and support functions.

Expertly managed and documented work processes ensure that your time critical delivery operation will consistently provide reliable, cost effective and problem-free results.

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Customized service solutions and proven implementation processes.

  • Our service packages are specifically designed to meet each of our customer’s unique service and daily operational requirements.
  • We offer established, “tried and true” implementation processes to ensure timely and efficient integration with existing operations.

Your expanded, upgraded or redesigned time critical delivery network can seamlessly and immediately be put in place.

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Advanced, real time information and management support systems solutions.

  • A secure, yet user-friendly portal for order receipt, processing and exchange of critical shipment-related data and information.
  • A range of milestone-based shipment tracking and performance reporting formats made suitable for intranet and extranet environments.

Real time information is readily available to support your reporting and shipment management needs.

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A readily-available pool of transportation and distribution resources.

  • Ace has made significant investment in developing and providing the physical resources necessary for the management and operation of integrated critical delivery networks

You can startup, upgrade, expand or integrate your time critical delivery network without incurring significant internal cost and resource investment.

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