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Why Choose Ace Expediters?

Ace provides a full range of logistics and delivery services designed to meet your high urgency and precision delivery requirements. If your product must routinely be handled and delivered on a time critical basis, we provide delivery solutions that meet your particular needs. Our services can be provided either as single product delivery solutions or within “service packages” that meet multiple distribution and delivery needs.

We specialize in the delivery of the following services:

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Supply Chain Management Services

At your request, Ace provides a range of value added, transportation and distribution services specifically designed to meet your unique time critical delivery needs. Listed as follows, these value added services work in combination with our product delivery operations to provide you the planning and management capabilities necessary for optimum, cost efficient and competition leading customer satisfaction.

  • Network Planning and Optimization: Our service experts are equipped with years of delivery operation experience and have access to state of the art software applications. We will help you design and implement critical delivery networks that provide highest performance, least cost operation on a consistent basis.
  • Real Time Management Reporting: We offer our customers direct web access to their critical shipment information on a 24-hour/7 day basis. We create both standard and customized shipment status reports that can be delivered to you on a real time basis.
  • Transportation Management: Ace provides route design, scheduling, dispatch, monitoring and contingency operating services to support reliable operation of time critical transportation networks.
  • Warehouse/Distribution Center Management: We offer you the expertise necessary for the location, selection and operation of warehouse and distribution facilities that optimize the performance of your overall delivery network.
  • Scheduled Courier Service: Trained, experienced product handling specialists are available on a dedicated basis to handle and transport your time-critical product shipments.
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Dedicated Route Services

The daily management and operation of a precision delivery network is costly and resource intensive. Ace Expediters provides dedicated fleet or designated route services to coordinate Just-In-Time pickup and delivery services on a daily, time-specific, basis. Our dedicated route service provides schedule-controlled delivery services between your distribution and retail outlets. Our customized and dedicated fleet service allows you to outsource this critical component of your delivery network to one of the industry's most reliable and trusted service providers.

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Emergency Parts Fulfillment Services

Ace is one of the country's leading providers of customized, customer-specific storage and fulfillment services for critical parts that must be delivered on an immediate or emergency basis twenty-four hour/day, seven-day/week. Through our network of climate controlled flow centers we will store your critical inventory items for immediate delivery.

Your expanded, upgraded or redesigned time critical delivery network can seamlessly and immediately be put in place.

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On Demand and Expedited Delivery Services – Central Florida

Ace Expediters coordinates same day and other time critical shipments on a daily basis. We provide a full range of services that allow you to meet your time-critical delivery needs on either a pre-scheduled, routine, basis or in extreme priority situations throughout our central Florida network. Our representatives are available to handle your requests on a twenty-four hour/day, seven-day/week basis.

  • A secure, yet user-friendly portal for order receipt, processing and exchange of critical shipment-related data and information.
  • A range of milestone-based shipment tracking and performance reporting formats made suitable for intranet and extranet environments.
  • Real time information is readily available to support your reporting and shipment management needs.
  • AM Service: If your package is ready and called into our representative by 8:00AM, we'll deliver it by noon to your desired locations.
  • Same Day Service: If your package is ready and called in to us prior to noon, Monday through Friday, we'll deliver it by 5:00PM to your desired locations.
  • Rush Service: We will complete the delivery of your shipment throughout the Central Florida area within 3 hours of your request.
  • Airport Service: We will meet your designated flight, immediately notify you of any flight delays and call you upon delivery with a Proof Of Delivery.
  • Pallet Delivery: We provide Liftgate services for off loading and transfer of palletized or slip-sheeted shipments.

You can startup, upgrade, expand or integrate your time critical delivery network without incurring significant internal cost and resource investment.

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