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Management Team

Bob Cline, President Partsfleet

Bob Cline joined Ace in 1992 and currently serves as head of operations responsible for the oversight and management of an important range of functions including customer accounts, geographical expansion and new service development. Mr. Cline brings a distinguished thirty year record of accomplishment in the parcel delivery and distribution industry. He has spearheaded successful operational expansion initiatives for Brooks International and has made significant operations-related contributions to the Florida Distribution, Ryder Specialized Services and United Parcel Service (UPS) organizations. Bob's, extensive operational and customer relationship experience combine to make him a valuable leader and contributor to Ace's very strong management team.

Ken Tunnell, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Ken Tunnell is the newest member of the Ace Management Team bringing more than twenty years of experience in the express delivery and related industries. Mr. Tunnell's successful career has been marked by significant accomplishments in National Account Team formation and management for the Velocity Express and Consolidated Delivery and Logistics companies. Ken's experience in serving the last mile delivery needs of Fortune 500 companies in the retail, health care and office products industries has involved regular interaction with multiple levels of decision makers. The complete ranges of his client management, planning and customer-focused skill sets, make Mr. Tunnell a much needed and valuable management team resource.