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ACE Expediters
'Ace's services are pristine' - A leading automotive aftermarket parts retailer
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Consistent, Dependable Service is at the Heart of Our Success.

Ace Expediters is a leading edge, provider of time-critical logistics and delivery services. Our highly experienced team of managers and service professionals specializes in providing the highest quality in time critical, delivery and logistics services to meet the unique needs and requirements of:

  • Automobile parts distributors requiring precisely timed deliveries to meet daily retail distribution and repair needs.
  • Pharmaceutical product distributors in need of urgent transportation of medical products to retail locations and healthcare providers.
  • Specimen shipments from various medical centers to diagnostic laboratories
  • Retail product establishments with time critical, specialized delivery requirements on an individual customer basis.
  • Product distributors whom desire to supplement or replace their existing delivery fleets with a specialized, delivery network.

Ace Expediters' services are designed to provide consistent, reliable results over the critical "last mile" of products' distribution cycle.